A Call To March On Fox

Monday, November 22, 2004



Among potential allies we will have in the city are a very large number of Democratic congressmen, including congressmen who have now denounced the rigged election. Many New York Democratic congressmen also come from minority communities who are especially ticked off about racially targeted voter suppression during the election. And they all have district offices in the city. All their offices should be contacted before the protest. That is not a guarantee they will personally get involved, but they should be invited nevertheless and at least close contact should be established. If anything goes wrong their help could be invaluable.

New York State also has two important Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. I had a lot to say in my previous blog ( mentioned above —


) in praise of Schumer’s toughness and his willingness to directly call a Republican (his previous opponent, Al D’Amato) the “L” word — LIAR — and to make that into an offense, not a defense. I would have liked to see Schumer become Senate Minority Leader. However, we have just heard that Schumer was appointed head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. And that’s real good. And on November 2nd 2004 Schumer was reelected by a landslide. In his new role now as Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman he will come in contact with Democratic contributors from all over the country. These combined factors guarantee that Schumer will also have the momentum and resources to win a landslide victory six years from now. In other words, Schumer has a rock-solid safe seat for at least the next twelve years. And that means he can stick his neck out.

All this means that in New York we will be on friendly ground. I would compare this very favorably to Washington D.C., a city that is overshadowed by Republican power, full of excessive anti-terrorist security and totally paranoid. And the huge liberal population in New York can also add to the numbers of protesters. A march on Washington depends a lot on people coming from elsewhere. Indeed, Washington itself is a much smaller city. But a march in New York starts with a large indigenous base of potential protesters before the outsiders even show up. And all of them can show up on the subway, without owning a car, because virtually every location in the city is walking distance from a subway station and the subway system is totally integrated underground. Without ever exiting the system you can get anywhere from anywhere on the New York subway at most by changing trains once or twice, and without ever paying a second fare. So because of these factors the chances of success for a New York protest can be greater. And also keep in mind that if you’re coming to the city by car, even if you can’t find a parking space near the protest, you’ll find a subway station walking distance from wherever you park your car and it will get you there.

We want a lot of change from Fox and we are not willing to meet with them, make a separate peace with them for any individual participating organization in our protests. We are not willing to fraternize with the enemy, accept gestures, mollification, inducements or bribes. And we will not be satisfied with promises. Anything they say they’re going to do, you’re a known liar, we don’t believe you, cut the crap and prove it.

We also need to be very clear and disciplined about the number one issue in this protest. Yes, there will be some who may want to protest Fox for its failure to adequately cover the desperate plight of the people of Guacamole Island somewhere on a river in Baluchistan. Some may want to show up at the protest with a banner supporting the G.L.O. (that’s Guacamole Liberation Organization). But this is not what this protest is about. Anyone ranting and raving at the protest about how Fox hasn’t given enough attention to the benefits of mung beans is only making us look idiotic and must not be allowed to derail our objective. Marshals must have a sharp eye for suspected freeper disrupters. We are not doing this protest to get detoured by side issues or issues the media, including Fox, will be looking to use to discredit us. Fox could even hire people to disrupt or embarrass our protest. Keep your eyes peeled. And the right wing media will try to say we are perverts, long-hairs, unkempt, rude, far-left fringe, violent, terror-loving, illegal traitors up to no good. Don’t give them ammunition to discredit what we are doing. Additionally, if someone is being genuinely disruptive in a way that truly undermines what we are trying to do, marshals should be trained in a couple of jujitsu hand holds so they can firmly but pleasantly escort a freeper out of the protest. There are ways of grabbing just a couple of fingers and pulling so that the disrupter absolutely has to come with you. My heart bleeds for whining freeper disrupters who want to deprive us of freedom of speech, assembly and the press.

This protest is about one thing: Fox’s obscene refusal to tell the world about the crime of the century — the heist in broad daylight of the greatest democracy in human history. We stand as defenders of the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and also founded the Democratic Party. He stood against the other major party of his day, the Federalists, who wanted to take things back to a more blue-blood era of royalty. Today we are still fighting that same fight, the autocrats vs. the democrats. Anyone who tells you the fight of our times is not about democracy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is not even about the Iraq war. Some are for it, some against. But whether an American is for or against the war, there can be absolutely no disputing that the robbing of our democratic tradition is an obscene, filthy, un-American abomination. As Americans we can and must be totally united against the destruction of our democracy. This issue, the total rigging of the election of George W. Bush on a scale never before seen has the potential to open the eyes of all who thus far failed to see. No true American dares question the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. This issue is a point of unity for all Americans. Have the selflessness to downplay personal, pet or side issues, no matter how important they are to you so that the American people will not be able to say to themselves, “Well, I can’t support this anti-Fox pro-democracy protest because the protesters have a different view on the war or taxes or healthcare or religious or moral values.”

All these side topics are not the issue. Not now. Our nation, our democracy, our freedom, our vote — on which ALL OTHER ISSUES DEPEND — was stolen right in front of us. And the LIARS at Fox refuse to tell the truth about it. This is the ultimate obscenity against all things American. This is the ultimate abrogation — that the truth itself has been hijacked — by Fox.

Also keep the focus on Fox and Murdoch’s other companies as opposed to other news organizations. We are not protesting other news organizations now. Only organizations associated with Murdoch. We want the other news organizations to attend and report on our protest of Fox and we don’t want to alienate them. Even if they don’t give us the attention we want, there will be internal debates going on in the other news organizations in the city about how much attention to give this. We want the voices of good journalism to express themselves and be heard inside those news organizations and we don’t want to put those better voices on the spot by protesting their news organizations. Even though we are not satisfied with the media as a whole, stifle your hostility toward the other news outlets and keep the attention focused — on Fox. The evidence against Fox is most copious and well documented. We want to first establish what can be most easily proven to get across that there are indeed right wing media organizations doing a rotten job. So don’t dissipate our focus and keep our efforts on target.

Imagine that your own mother was mugged, raped and murdered in front of numerous witnesses. Imagine that you have personally just laid your mother to rest and those witnesses look you straight in the face and say, “Your mother wasn’t murdered! She’s living in Canarsie, Brooklyn!” THAT’S Fox News. And yet, for millions of gullible Americans Fox is brainwash headquarters. The silence of Fox, their denial, their lies, their electric ridicule machine, has made them accomplices to the greatest crime in United States history — a robbery of our democracy that, without Democratic majorities to investigate on Capitol Hill, makes the Watergate burglary look like small potatoes.

In other words:

Headless democracy found in bottomless news organization. Statue of Liberty found chopped to bits in Rupert Murdoch’s basement.

And as the chief stifler of the truth, politically Rupert Murdoch is the New York Strangler.

Remember the Tiananmen Square massacre in China? Students were demanding democracy. They had actually erected a huge replica of the Statue of Liberty there. In a play on Murdoch’s destruction of professional journalism, and to demonstrate his suppression of the truth about the stolen election, let’s bring to the protest huge replicas of the Statue of Liberty — each, like the sensational Post headline, missing its head. Believe me, that will be a picture seen round the world. Besides, New York is overrun with little replicas of the Statue of Liberty sold in every tourist shop in the city. And one entire borough of the city’s five boroughs, Staten Island, commutes to work in Manhattan almost entirely by the Staten Island Ferry (excluding cars that take the Verrazano Narrows Bridge), and the Staten Island Ferry passes right by the Statue of Liberty. Everybody in Staten Island sees the Statue of Liberty twice a day. Rest assured, if there is a giant replica of the Statue of Liberty at the protest, headless, there will be news organizations that will eat it up. It will be their way of getting even with Murdoch for dragging their profession through the mud.

Be sure the replica is not hazardous or the authorities may try to ban it. New York police have been known to confiscate protest signs built with wooden sticks instead of cardboard (since in theory the stick could be used as a weapon). Some years ago a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float in the city knocked over a lamppost causing injuries. Some of the floats were also damaged by 40 mph winds. The Macy’s Parade may offer lessons in how, and how not, to create and bring in a headless replica of the Statue of Liberty. Floats in honor of college football teams may also provide examples of how to construct a Statue of Liberty replica. Make sure there is no regulation they can invoke to prevent you from doing this. Incidentally, the real Statue of Liberty is mainly a hollow shell, with a very thin metal skin and mainly merely some scaffolding inside. Make the replica thin and hollow and it will be lighter and easier to get to the protest. And make sure it won’t collapse or fall over under any conditions. We don’t want some city agency banning this replica because it violated some environmental regulation. Possibly include the head on the replica — who could object to the Statue of Liberty after all — and only remove the head after you get it to the protest.

This is the central point about Murdoch and Company: A vast amount of evidence has been collected about the rigged election, but the American people are not allowed to know because of Rupert Murdoch and the other rigged election shills in his organizations. People who are working hard to get the truth out about the rigged election are coming up against this brick wall — that the media isn’t covering it, with Fox and its associates leading the way.

We want people out in front of Murdoch’s empire chanting and yelling and roaring and screaming their LIVING GUTS out over and over and over with rage and fury, “Rupert Murdoch tell the truth! Fascists rigged the voting booth!” “One, two, three, four! Rig the vote and hear us roar! Five, six, seven, eight! Stop the lies and votergate!” If you don’t come back from the protest with laryngitis you didn’t do your duty.

Here is some pertinent information:

Fox News Channel is located at:

Fox News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas (also called 6th Avenue)
2nd Floor,
New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-556-2500
Web: www.foxnews.com

The avenues in Manhattan run north-south. Cross-streets: Fox is between 47th Street and 48th Street. Numbered streets in Manhattan run east-west. (Manhattan Island is long and narrow with the length running north-south and the width running east-west. Thus the avenues run nearly the full length of the island while the numbered cross-streets run across the narrow width of the island east-west.)


The News Corporation, which is at the pinnacle of Murdoch’s media empire and owns much of the rest of it including Fox News Channel, Fox Broadcasting Company Network and the New York Post, is also in the same building at the above address. News Corporation is on the 8th Floor. Rupert Murdoch is the Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation and his office is also in the building, although supposedly he’s on the 7th Floor. Here you will find a lengthy list of News Corporation assets:


News Corporation contact info:

Phone: 212-852-7000
Web: www.newscorp.com

The New York Post covers the 9th and 10th Floors. New York Post contact:

Phone: 212-930-8000
Web: www.nypost.com

From the above we can see that a vast right wing media empire and/or its parent companies is located right in that one single building. Set up a protest outside that building and you have hit the jackpot.

Here is a downloadable anti-Fox petition from MoveOn.org:


Here is an anti-Fox brief video about Fox News Channel’s head and right wing shill and past Nixon hatchet man, Roger Ailes. The video also includes examples of Fox tarring and feathering John Kerry:


MoveOn.org’s complaint against Fox filed with the Federal Trade Commission:


Here’s a MoveOn clip (from the MoveOn.org website) against Fox and Fox’s Bill O’Reilly showing him constantly telling everyone to “keep your mouth shut” and “shut up,” America being a democracy and all. He is also shown (and heard) ordering a guest’s microphone cut off, which is emblematic of everything Fox represents. Essentially, Fox cuts the mic on the American People:


Save that clip to your hard drive. Watch it over and over. The clip actually shows O’Reilly saying, “It is our duty as loyal Americans to shut up and shut up publicly.” After you’ve seen that SOB at Fox telling everyone to shut up enough, you’ll be ready to speak out.

MoveOn.org has also run a full-page ad in the New York Times comparing Fox to the Soviet Union’s press agency, Pravda and this may be useful to reprint and distribute at the protest. See the ad here:


Here’s a useful site, “News Hounds: We watch FOX so you don’t have to” —


Following is more information on New York City, to help orient everyone to the terrain and transportation in the city, so you won’t get lost while trying to get to the protest (and also to be able to run errands to support the protest and its material needs). When people visit New York they typically take taxis because they feel disoriented by New York’s huge and complicated subway system. This is a shame because the subway is so inexpensive compared to taxis and more reliable. There are plenty of times and places in the city where you won’t find a cab. So following is the “mother lode” of information on how to use New York’s subway system, everything you need to know but didn’t know who or what to ask. Read the following information five or ten times, carefully study the downloadable maps and I guarantee you’ll know how to get around New York as well as people who have been living here for five or ten years:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York — website — has downloadable maps of the bus and subway systems:


Make sure you print a subway map in color as each subway line is a different color and if you print it in black and white the train lines will all look like tangled spaghetti and you’ll get lost. Recommendation: Get to New York a day earlier than you otherwise would have and spend a day riding around the subway system to get used to it. A single subway fare lets you ride around the city indefinitely as long as you don’t exit the system. From the same site, here’s the New York City subway map:


However, that version does not contain complete map information. You want the “pdf” version that you can enlarge greatly. It also tells you exactly which trains with different letters and numbers stop at each specific station (all trains have names, either a letter or a number. There’s the A train, the B train, the 1 train, the 2 train etc.):


Study the map. Get to know it so you won’t get lost once you get to New York. Otherwise you’ll be forced to rely on expensive taxis to get everywhere. Other sections of the site also have bus maps. Helpful, but keep in mind that New York City buses run at a snail’s pace compared to subways. Taxis can be fastest of all and also door-to-door, but expensive compared to subways. The police might also block off some streets in response to the protest, which might be a problem for a taxi. And during rush hour or due to other problems a taxi can get tied up in traffic. Taxis can also require you to pay tolls at bridges since there are bridges all around Manhattan. (If you require a taxi to enter or leave Manhattan.) But subways avoid this since they just go right under the rivers around Manhattan. (You probably won’t even notice when your subway train is under a river unless you study the map carefully. Then you might be able to conclude, “Hm. We must be under the East River at this point in the ride…”)

It’s good to familiarize yourself with all city transportation methods (have maps handy) in case something goes wrong with one of them.

Taxis are easier to spot on major thoroughfares, especially major avenues. If you choose to take a taxi be safe but make sure you are standing where the taxi driver can see you raising your arm to hail him. And stand in a place that allows the taxi to come to a stop near you, not in a location where he can’t stop because of traffic coming behind him. There are also taxi companies in the New York Yellow Pages. Unlike regular cabs they can’t be hailed and can only pick up passengers who call. There is no guarantee they will arrive promptly, if too many people are seeking a cab.

Here’s a page from the same website with New York City transit telephone numbers to get information. Anything you don’t know or understand, call them up ahead of time and they will explain it to you (the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask):


Also keep in mind that the big Amtrak train station in New York (not to be confused with the subway system which is a totally separate system unconnected to Amtrak) is at 34th Street in Manhattan and is called Penn Station (Pennsylvania Station). Since Murdoch’s empire is at 47th Street, once you take a train to New York’s Penn Station, as soon as you get out you are only about 13 blocks away, not a terribly long walk. If you look closely on the subway map at the blue subway train line, you will see in Manhattan a station marked “34 St Penn Station.” As you can see, there are subway trains that stop there, next to Penn Station. Get out of the Amtrak train, walk until you get to the subway entrance, which is less than a block away underground (signs will direct you), and take a subway train to anywhere you want in the city.

If you’re coming from Newark Airport in New Jersey, take a Path train from there into the city. Then take the subway. From JFK or LaGuardia Airports (both shown on the subway map east of Manhattan) you can take subway trains into Manhattan or anywhere in the city you want to go. LaGuardia and JFK Airports require you to take a short bus ride to get to the subway. The subway map shows the bus routes and bus numbers which make that connection between the airports and the subway system.

Incidentally, many out-of-towners are unfamiliar with New York City’s trailblazing “express train” subway system. Let me explain it. In many other cities that have subways, a given subway line just has two tracks. One going in one direction along that line, and the other track going in the opposite direction along the same line. But in New York, many New York subway stations have both “local” trains and “express” trains stopping there in the same station. In such a station you will likely see 4 separate tracks side by side. In most cases they are so close to each other that you’ll be able to see all 4 tracks while standing there.

A staircase will take you to a walkway above or below the tracks so you can switch from say, a northbound to a southbound train if you need to reverse direction. This is available only in express stations, since they are larger stations to accommodate both local and express train service. Express stations accommodate both. Local stations only accommodate local trains, so they are smaller stations. Being smaller stations, the local stations don’t usually have stairs leading to walkways connecting uptown and downtown service above or below the tracks. Thus, in most local stations you won’t be able to switch from a northbound train to a southbound train should you wish to do so.

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